The marketing whizz improving pet health


Following a Technical Degree in International Business / Trade and Commerce, Caroline Ecoffard spent several years in trading, specializing in the food industry. She joined Diana Pet Food in 2013 as an export sales assistant and marketing support for EMEA. Now marketing product manager for the health & nutrition expert brand Vivae, Caroline is passionate about product innovation and consumer insights.


She loves everything about her job and is amazed at how dynamic the pet food industry is. She’s especially excited to improve pet health through ingredients that deliver optimum nutrition and, most importantly for pet parents, better address their needs by talking about their pet’s health.


She is constantly wowed by brand innovation. Nowadays there is pet popcorn, celebration meals (for birthdays or Christmas) and “beer”, which are all great fun. But, there are also more functional products and those making specific claims, for example, brain axis solution, stress-free or calming, hypoallergenicity and so on.