The marketing guru hunting down new pet health & nutrition ideas


Following a technical degree in International Business Trade, Gabriel graduated from a French business school with a major in Strategy and Business Development. He started out in the dairy industry, spending almost a decade, first as a market manager at Danone and then in various companies developing exports to Asian, South-East Asian, and Northern African markets, focusing on infant nutrition and dry dairy ingredients.


Since 2016, Gabriel has held various positions in Vivae, Diana Pet Food’s Health & Nutrition expert brand, first as a EAME Market Manager, then as Global Marketing Manager.
He’s particularly impressed by how fast pet food businesses are developing solutions to constantly improve pet health & wellbeing. He sees some strong similarities between infant nutrition and pet food where the buyer is not the end-consumer, but both need to be convinced.


As a hunter, Gabriel is fascinated by the patience, method, precision, and tenacity of the hunting dogs and says it could provide inspiration for business development.