Enjoys cooking for pets and preparing mouthwatering aromas


Perrine graduated from AgroParisTech in 2011 in biology, nutrition and food science, and achieved a PhD thesis with Mars Petcare at the University of Nottingham, focusing on human sensory perception of flavor mixtures. From 2014 to 2015, she was a project leader in sensory analysis at MANE.

She joined Diana Pet Food in 2015 as a research project manager, where she investigates the human perception of pet food in order to develop new products that appeal to both pets and pet owners. She enjoys the challenge of satisfying both owners and pets as well as cooking for pets and developing aromas that appeal to them.


Passionate about working in an industry that is so diverse, dynamic and innovative, she loves being creative and coming up with new products. She is most proud of the FeelGood range, a whole palette of gourmet flavors.