The 2019 edition of Superzoo took place at Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, from August 20 to 22. It’s an opportunity for thousands of attendees to be inspired by the pet care industry’s latest innovations. At the pet hair care pavilion, top trends were clean label, botanical ingredients, and grooming for health.



Grooming, a promising market segment



84% of America’s dog owners groomed their pet in 2017*.


The rise of the pet grooming market segment is not just an additional example of pet care market premiumization and pet humanization. It reflects a real and growing need for pet owners.

In some cultures, it is particularly trendy to be seen with a perfectly groomed pet.


For pet parents, grooming can also be synonymous with quality time shared with their animals, strengthening the emotional bond.
Besides appearance, grooming is now a question of health.


The main driver of the segment is the new pet parent awareness that neglecting pet grooming can affect the animal’s well-being and lead to infections and irritations that are complex to address.


Acts such as brushing and combing, ear cleaning, tooth brushing, and nail care are not mere cleaning duties but essential elements for their pet companion’s comfort. Grooming product selection is an important part of the process.



Pet hair care trends: always the same hair


Pet hair care solutions are center stage in the grooming market. Superzoo shelves were filled with shampoos and conditioners aligned with some well-established trends in the pet hair care market.


Brands are still providing treatments to fight insect pests and skin-sensitivity effects such as shedding, itching or dryness. Gentle formulas with soothing, moisturizing, and protective features or with hypoallergenic promises are items of special interest.


Products targeting odor control are not neglected. Indeed, pet odor is always a key concern for owners who want to ensure pleasant cohabitation with their animals.


Using human beauty product codes is another manufacturer’s approach to satisfy pet owner humanizing behavior. Available solutions promise plenty of brightness and nourishment for baby’s coat. Maybe the step before grooming in salons and spas.



Clean label, the new must-have for innovation


Pet owners expect the same quality standards for their animals’ products as for their own. They want to choose products that sound as clean as possible.


To reinforce trust with customers, pet hair care products tend to use the same action levers and language as with human products and pet food.


First, manufacturers promote “free from” formulas such as paraben-free or sulfate-free, to guarantee the absence of harmful or unsettling ingredients in their shampoos and conditioners.


Then market players increasingly use botanical and herbal solutions to legitimate functionalities brought by Mother Nature. They incorporate plant blends such as aloe vera, lavender, or oatmeal, to name just a few.


Hair care manufacturers are also enlarging their procurement spectrum to include buzzy ingredients like hemp or probiotics.


Finally, local production and sourcing are claimed to ensure product quality and safety. As part of their ethic strategy, companies develop eco-friendly and cruelty-free commitments.




*According to ‘The 2017-2018 APPA National Pet Owners Survey’

take-home points

  • Pet owners now consider grooming as an essential feature of pet well-being.
  • Hair care products seen at Superzoo confirmed well-established trends.
  • Clean label movement is gaining in the pet hair care segment, becoming a major interest of pet owners.
  • Ingredients are key, with botanicals remaining best in class. Some trendy ingredients are shaking up the segment.