About us

Diana Pet Food is the global leader and pioneer of high value solutions improving pets’ well-being and owners’ satisfaction.


Today, more and more owners consider their pets as members of the family. By projecting their own preferences and needs onto their animals, they are becoming increasingly engaged when shopping for pet products. They expect more choice, higher quality, and increased enjoyment for their pets.
With a global presence in five continents, 1 090 employees, 18 industrial sites and 18 sales offices, Diana Pet Food is mindful of all stakeholders. We strive to improve pets’ quality of life, increase pet owner satisfaction, and support customer brand performance, all at the same time..
Diana Pet Food’s expert brands provide multiple solutions to pet food manufacturers: SPF develops palatability enhancers, while Vivae specializes in health solutions, and Videka concentrates on pet food protection. Our expert measurement center, Panelis, validates the performance of both our expert brand solutions and customer products.
All our brands are infused with a strong culture of innovation and have been developed with expert know-how in R&D, market insight, and industrial application. By sharing our findings with our customers, we help them always stay one step ahead.


Visit Diana Pet Food website: diana-petfood.com