The pet-lover bringing his passion for science to pet food innovation


A Master of Chemical Engineering and Food Science, Arnaud has always found science fascinating.


He began his career as technical coordinator for a chocolate factory and eco museum and then moved to Shanghai as R&D Manager for a high-end bakery and pastry company. Prior to joining Diana Pet Food, he led the international technical support and business development for a leading Chinese company in Probiotic formulation and manufacturing.


In his current role, Arnaud develops innovative, unique health solutions for cats and dogs to help extend lifespans and increase happy moments with their pet parents. He enjoys the fast pace of innovation in pet food and responding to the ever-increasing consumer expectations for higher quality and more functional claims.


A true pet lover with first-hand experience of how emotional bonds with pets are a key factor in human well-being, Arnaud had turtles, a rabbit, a cat and a dog as a child and is now a pet parent of a 4-year-old Beagle called Doudou.


He’s excited to be at the forefront of innovative functional pet food ingredients in ASPAC, the fastest growing region in the pet food market.