Navigating the future challenges of sustainability


A graduate with an MSc in Food Science, Aurélie has a PhD in biotechnology and aroma. She joined Diana Pet Food in 2001 with seven years’ experience as a flavorist and biotechnologist to work on palatability innovation projects for cats and dogs. She then led the R&D team developing palatable solutions for wet pet food and treats and implemented the Regional Development & Technical Support structure within the organization in 2008.


After 10 years managing basic research projects dedicated to understanding and improving cat food palatability, Aurélie was promoted to CSR Manager of Diana Pet Food. The policies she will put in place or enhance will champion a broad range of subjects including: alternative and by-product sourcing, waste valorization and improved energy efficiency.


Excited by the future challenges of her role, she is already proud of the contribution of Diana Pet Food to a more sustainable world, and along with all company stakeholders, aims to drive high standards within the CSR policy.


A keen sailor and cat lover, Aurélie manages to combine her two passions with living an eco-friendly lifestyle.