Sharing insights into pet behavior


An Ethologist for Diana Pet Food since 2003, Claire received her Masters in Animal Behavior Biology from Paris XIII University in 1997. She followed this with a PhD in UMR CNRS 6552 studying Human-Horse relationships, during which she wrote scientific papers published in academic journals but also articles for the French monthly “Cheval Magazine”.


She is in charge of Applied Research related to pets, developing innovative tools and methods to measure pet food performance and better understand cats’ and dogs’ behavior. She regularly communicates the results of studies at international conferences and in scientific papers.


She has witnessed some funny, surprising behavioral traits in pets: from cats who prefer to use their paws as a spoon to eat from a feeding box to those who haven’t quite got the hang of cleaning up after themselves in the litter tray. In the last case, it appears that, in a small group of cats, a ‘toilet attendant’ exists to cover the offending faeces correctly!


Claire really enjoys coming up with answers to challenging questions about pet behavior and sharing her knowledge with the scientific community. She’s constantly amazed by the sheer innovation and diversity of products in the pet food market.