Being a catalyst for change in the pet food world


Emira Mehinagic has a PhD in food science and technology from Nantes University. She has since worked at ESA (the University of Food and Agriculture in Angers, France) as an Associate Professor on  research programs focused on human chemosensory perceptions and prediction of sensory response with instrumental measurement. A prolific author, she has published more than 30 scientific articles and textbook chapters. In 2009, she became the head of a pluridisciplinary food research department at ESA.


Sensory Team Manager for Diana Pet Food since 2015, she became  R&D Head of The Global Methodology Center in 2020. Emira is responsible for corporate pluridisciplinary research teams working on global evaluation of product performance combining sensory and instrumental approaches. Passionate about being a catalyst for change in the global pet care market, she is excited to improve pet and pet owner wellbeing in the future.


Whenever Emira talks about her job, people always ask questions related to their pets. Her favorite to date is: “My dog likes eating kibbles from my shoes. As soon as I serve his kibbles in his bowl, he transfers them to my shoes and then eat them. Is that unusual?”


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