Surfing the wave of emerging Asia-Pacific pet care market trends


Luying holds a double bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and South Korean and has six years’ BtoB marketing experience. She joined Diana Pet Food’s Asia-Pacific marketing department in summer 2017, and has undertaken the market research and analysis for two reports about Market Trends Analysis for Petfair Asia combined with the interpretation of consumer behaviors.


As well as being a pet industry practitioner, she is also a pet parent to four cats. She often switches her perspective between these two identities when she is working as it extends his horizons in the pet care market, helping her to be more professional and sensitive to the market.


She loves to be working in an emerging industry and likens it to riding the crest of a giant wave on the ocean.

If you have any question related to the Asia-Pacific Pet Care Market and Pet Owners in China, please don’t hesitate to contact Luying.