Insight & Trends from Zoomark 2021

A round-up of the key trends at Zoomark 2021 influencing pet product development.

Insight & Trends from Global Pet Expo 2020

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How to please pets’ and pet parents’ sense of smell

Seeing a pet enjoy a meal is one of the special pleasures of pet ownership. But unpleasant odors can reduce the owner’s appreciation of the pet’s meal experience. To make mealtime a shared happy moment, pet food manufacturers need to develop products that not only appeal to a pet’s keen sense of smell but also seduce the delicate nose of pet parents.

Versus or monadic test? How to pick the right method!

Monadic or versus? 1 or 2 bowls? All people engaged in pet food palatability measurement have already faced these existential questions. Learn how to make an informed choice!